partnering platform

Hosted via AI-powered matchmaking platform,, the AI Innovation Circle goes above and beyond to enable facilitated networking and make the right interactions between participants.

From easy-to-watch talks and thought-provoking panels to interactive roundtables and matchmade 1:1 meetings, this powerful platform is built to provide each attendee with their most relevant matches and content for a great virtual networking AND learning experience.

Meet people based on mutual goals

  • Detailed profile: Custom pitch, profile photo, social media links and more.
  • Relevant interests & intents: Help attendees achieve their goals with detailed intents around specific interests.
  • No-sweat sign in: Social authentications make registration a breeze.

Book 1:1 meetings with top matches

  • Meeting schedule: View your event schedule side-by-side with their meeting schedule.
  • Rescheduling: Reschedule meetings easily with a few clicks.
  • Chat & video conferencing: Chat opens once the meeting is accepted, plus attendees can network virtually.

The meeting happens, live or online. It’s time to network!

  • Live & virtual meeting area: Use numbered tables for live events, or host meetings directly in the chat.
  • Power meetings: Each meeting lasts 15 minutes. No time wasted!
  • Notifications: Attendees get meeting reminders 5 minutes before.