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An Exclusive Partnering Program for Investors, Founders & Strategics Advancing AI for Healthcare & Life Science

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Investments in AI have attracted more capital than any other technology in history. Globally, the race is on to fund, develop and acquire the most cutting-edge start-ups, particularly those offering breakthrough applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. With attention around AI continuing to prevail, the AI Innovation Circle unites Investors, Start-ups, Industry and Strategics for exclusive partnering and AI-powered matchmaking, plus critical discussions which go beyond the AI hype to grasp what’s truly at stake and where future opportunities lie. This interactive 1-day program uncovers what the industry truly needs from AI? What problems can be solved? How can investors cut through the noise? How to build a start-up for scale? How to drive a successful exit? Plus much more.

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Featured Speakers

Alexander Pasteur
Partner, F-Prime Capital

Jeffrey Low, MD
Life Sciences Investor, Novo Growth

Jessica A. Zeaske
Partner, Echo Health Ventures

Graham Brooks
Partner, .406 Ventures

Bill Reichert
Partner & Chief Evangelist, Pegasus Tech Ventures

Maliheh Poorfarhani

Maliheh Poorfarhani
Director, Digital Health and R&D, Bayer

Özgür Tuncer

Özgür Tuncer
Ascension Life Fund, Ascension Ventures

Vibhor Gupta

Vibhor Gupta
Director and Founder, PangaeaData.AI

Andrew Eye

Andrew Eye
CEO & Founder, ClosedLoop

Dr Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

Dr Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS
Founder, MI10 / Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Chandi Kodthiwada

Chandi Kodthiwada
Head of Product Management, R&D IT, Takeda

Lisa Suennen

Lisa Suennen
Group Leader, Digital & Technology Group & Lead, Manatt Ventures, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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Who Should Attend?

Join Us to Hear:

Latest AI Trends across Technology, Applications & Investment

Market Overview & IPO Outlook

Beyond the Hype: Where are the past and future breakthroughs?

What Needs Can Be Met through AI?

The Quest For AI-Ready Data in Pharma & Healthcare

2021 Regulatory & Data Sharing Considerations

Principles & Frameworks for Partnering Success

Identifying Target Markets & Entry Strategies

Data Sharing, Security and Regulation

Emerging Technologies to Be Aware of

How to Build A Start-Up for Scale & Drive a Successful Exit?

Tactics to Commercialize AI Applications in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

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Meaningful 1:1 Partnering Meetings

Hosted via AI-powered matchmaking platform, Brella.io, the AI Innovation Circle goes above and beyond to enable facilitated networking and make the right interactions between participants. From easy-to-watch talks and thought-provoking panels to interactive roundtables and matchmade 1:1 meetings, this powerful platform is built to provide each attendee with their most relevant matches and content for a great virtual networking AND learning experience.

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